Home health care nurse with senior man and his adult daughter

Nurse Climate Champion profiles

Watch this video to hear why nurses across the country have joined the Nurses Climate Challenge.

Read the profiles below to learn how Nurse Climate Champions are using the Nurses Climate Challenge resources to educate their colleagues about climate and health.

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Betsy Marville

1199 Service Employees International Union (SEIU) - United Healthcare Workers East (UHWE)

You can’t leave this for the next generation. You would never leave your children or your grandchildren a mess in your house. You would try to do everything for their success.

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Adelita G. Cantu, PhD, RN

UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing

“In my work with seniors, I’ve had to explain to them why they shouldn’t go outside and exercise. Because of rising temperatures and air pollution, the onset of asthma among our seniors has grown exponentially. It affects what they can do and negatively impacts their quality of life.”

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Robbi Hagelberg, RN

Lakeview Hospital, Stillwater, Minn.

“As nurses we deal with patients who are feeling the impacts of climate change, so there’s an opportunity to make the connection for those patients. What they are experiencing in their health is connected to their environment and what they are exposed to.”

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Philip Pape

University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Environmental changes are only going to increase and become more pronounced – affecting more areas, more people overall. We must change our behaviors in our daily life and opt for choices that are more environmentally friendly."

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Julia Ryder

Bozeman Deaconess Hospital

“My passion for nursing has been reignited with my commitment to bringing awareness about climate change. The effects of climate change go beyond the bedside and reach our community, friends, and loved ones. Now my nursing doesn't only protect one patient – it protects my whole community.”

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